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Broadwoodwidger in the News – 20th Century

These snippets of news items from past centuries are intended to give a feel for how life was lived in the Parish in days gone by. Additions will be made each month and dates of postings are noted so that you can catch up with new postings whenever you like.


BWW Broadwoodwidger

CDP Cornish and Devon Post

EPG Exeter & Plymouth Gazette
RCG Royal Cornwall Gazette
WT Western Times

Postcard showing Devon Dairy School at Broadwoodwidger in 1913 (courtesy Alison Barriball)

1900 2/6 CDP at p.8 (posted 2/2017)

Walk to Launceston Cattle Market – and grumbling farmers – extract from notes by local correspondent ‘Bradood’.

1901 22/6 CDP at p.8 (posted 2/2017)

Infants’ School Annual Treat, with Broadwood Brass Band, who were popular in this decade at functions in the locality.

1905 8/7 The Post at p.5 (posted 2/2017)

Formation of Mother’s Union at Thorndon House.

Presentation to Mr Williams for 25 years service at Thorn Cross School

1908 24/11 WT at p.4 (posted 1/2017)

Arson of large woodrick belonging to roadman Avery

1913 14/2 WT at p.2 (posted 2/2017)

Devon Dairy School at Broadwoodwidger

1914 30/10 WT at p.5 (posted 2/2017)

Opening of new Sunday School at Thorn Cross, Broadwoodwidger

1920 17/2 Devon and Exeter Gazette at p.3 (posted 5/2017)

Death of son of tenant of Coombe Park in water wheel threshing accident.

1943 17/12 WT at p.2 (posted 1/2017)

Sale and social for the Red Cross Agricultural Fund held on the Green and in the Church Room, raising £340.

An account of the 1942 sale, which raised £253 6s 9d, was in WT 18/12/1942 at p.8.

1965 The Observer

(posted 12/2017)

This surely must be unique – Broadwoodwidger finishing in the top ten of a National Survey!

1972 Western Morning News 26/2/1972

(posted 2/2017)

Stash of silver coins found at Barn Meadow, West Banbury