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Broadwoodwidger in the News – 19th Century

These snippets of news items from past centuries are intended to give a feel for how life was lived in the Parish in days gone by. Additions will be made each month and dates of postings are noted so that you can catch up with new postings whenever you like.


BCWG Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette

BWW Broadwoodwidger

CDP Cornish and Devon Post

EPG Exeter & Plymouth Gazette
RCG Royal Cornwall Gazette

WT Western Times

1787 14/6 BCWG p.1 (posted 1/2017)

Rev John Braddon appointed to the perpetual curacy of BWW, with “the chapelry of German’s Week”

This is the only mention of BWW before 1800. Braddon was born in Stowford on 17/2/1755 and remained as curate until his death on 5/3/1842 at Easington, Stowford in his 88th year. He was also Rector at Werrington. His wife, Mary Ann (née Smith), fifteen years his junior, whom he had married in Covent Garden in 1788, died in her 87th year, on 28/1/1855, also at Easington.

1829 2/12 Police Gazette p.2 (posted 1/2017)

Chesnut Mare stolen from Peter Brown by John Daw from “Broadwoodwidger Town”

1830 7/8 Western Times at p.2

(posted 1/2017)

John Dawe proved guilty “beyond doubt”??? and sentenced to death.

1834 19/7 Newcastle Journal p.4 (posted 1/2017)

Letter from the Archdeacon of Totnes to the Churchwardens of BWW expressing outrage at the situation, where the tithes were in the hands of a layman with no responsibility for providing a residence for the clergy of BWW. Its appearance in a Newcastle paper (and also in the London Evening Standard) shows that it was a subject of wider, national interest. This tirade resulted from the suggestion that the Church, as owners of the Parsonage (about which interesting comments are made), were responsible for keeping it in good repair! The tithe holders, the Luxmoore family, were, in fact, well-regarded – see 1907 clipping when their interest came to an end.

1836 11/10 Sherborne Mercury p.4 (posted 1/2017)

Inquest into death of pregnant servant, Jane Dodge, feared poisoned.

1841 11/10 Sherborne Mercury at p.4 (posted 1/2017)

Report of hearing re commutation of tithes. This records that the Dean and Chapter of Bristol were the tithe holders in fee simple but that their lessee was Rev. C H Luxmoore of Wales, who paid the curate, John Braddon, £23-6-8 out of the tithes. The Parish acreage was put at 3050 arable, 210 meadow and pasture, 140 woodland and plantation, 1500 commons and 100 orchard. It was agreed that a Rent-charge of £410 was a fair sum for the Parish.

1889 6/7 Cornish and Devon Post (posted 12/2018)

Bridge over ford at Drowns Mill through private enterprise

1897 1/7 EPG p.5 (posted 1/2017)

Sheep-shearing and other competitions at Ivy House in connection with Devon County Technical Education Scheme. Open to Ashwater, BWW, Virginstowe and Halwill. Judge – Mr Kneebone of North Petherwin.

BWW prize winners include:-

Sheep-shearing under 18 : A.Rich, W.Colwill, F.Bailey

Sheep-shearing under 21 : T.Nosworthy, W.Hole

Sheep-shearing under 26 : F.Bailey, W.Rich, T.Rockey

Rope-spinning : F.Bailey, J Avery, G. Smale, E.Parsons.

Spear-making : F.Bailey, J Avery, E.Parsons.