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TDC – Don’t lose your vote!

Torridge District Council Electoral Services Team will begin sending letters to households from 27th July to verify the accuracy of the information held on the electoral register for properties across the district.

The annual canvass ensures that the register remains current and accurate and reflects anyone entitled to vote in elections. The process is designed to pick up any gaps in the register or changes to people’s circumstances while it also helps to identify those who no longer reside at a given address.

The simplified system introduced in 2022 means that residents do not need to respond if all the information in the letter is correct and includes everyone eligible to vote at the address.

The electoral register is important as residents who are not registered will not be able to take part in any future elections or referendums. Being absent from the Electoral Register may also negatively impact people’s credit ratings and cause difficulties when applying for financial products such as mortgages, credit cards, or even a mobile phone contract.